Access violation error in Laravel 5.4 migration

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When we setup a fresh laravel 5.4 and tried to run default user tables migration

then we got a below error

After searching for this error in google, we came to know that it is due to mysql database engine updation. There are few solutions recommended in few places. We tried them but […]


How to install PHPMyAdmin in Amazon EC2 Linux

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Logged into the server using putty 1) Go to apache folder:

2) Download the latest version phpmyadmin

Note: By time of writing, 4.6.6 is the latest version. You can get the latest version in https://www.phpmyadmin.net/downloads/ 3) Unzip the downloaded files

4) Rename the folder

5) Remove the zip file

Now […]


Mail configuration in laravel 5

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In Laravel 5, mail configuration need to be done in .env file and mail.php files. In one of our projects, we have used the thrid party mail server ‘mailgun’ for sending mail. In .env file:  

  In the above configuration, the issue which we have faced was ‘mail driver’. Initially, it was ‘SMTP’ […]